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Do I Need a Single-Phase or Three-Phase Electricity Supply?


If you’re not sure whether you need a three-phase or single-phase power supply for your business then the best thing to do is give us a call on 0151 363 2786 / 07909 148 926 for a reliable answer from our qualified electricians.


Our trained electricians will be able to explain the differences between 3-phase and single phase and will advise on which will be most suitable for your requirements. In general terms, the difference relates to their safe load capacity and uses.



Single Phase & Three Phase – what is the difference?


Both single-phase and three-phase powers supply systems use Alternating Current (AC) to refer units.  AC Power is always alternating in both types of power supply systems.  The big difference between single-phase and three-phase power systems is in the reliability regarding delivery of power.


Single-phase type of supply

Within the sphere of electrical works a single-phase power supply is AC power delivery via a system that has every voltage change at the same time.    You make use of this supply of power for loads as required such as for lighting and heating, with a small amount of say for large electrical driven motors.  If you connect a single-phase supply to an AC motor the motor will not generate a rotating magnetic field, as motors of a single-phase type need extra circuits to work.  However, these motors rarely rate over 10kW. 


Within each cycle of the voltage in a single-phase type of power system it only makes peak value at two points.  Therefore, the power in a single-phase power system is not stable.  However, it should be noted that a single-phase is able to be power-driven from a three-phase sharing transformer by two techniques:

  • With a connection between two phases.
  • Connection between one phase and neutral.


These two approaches will provide dissimilar voltages from a supply of power standpoint.  It should be noted that this phase single-phase supply gives up to 230v.  This type of supply is in the main used for operating small appliances in the home such as:

  • Air conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Fans


Benefits of Single-Phase Supplies

If you are looking to use a single-phase supply the associated benefits are:

  • A less complex design than a three-phase system.
  • Design cost reduced in comparison to alternatives.
  • For AC power supply up to 1000 watts it is the most efficient.
  • It is the most competent for loads up to 1000 watts.
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications.


Three Phase type of supply

The design of a three-phase supply of power is based around a four-wire system made up of three conductors and one neutral.  The three conductor wires are at 120º phase and space away from each other.


Utilization of a three-phase power supply is the same as a single-phase AC power supply.  When you have a small load: A one-phase supply of power can be selected from the three-phase system of power supply.   The three-phase supply is of a constant type and does not fall to zero at any point.  The power of this configuration is proven by the:

  • Star configuration.
    • This configuration of utilised in communication over long distance as the configuration includes a neutral cable to the error current.
  • Delta configuration.


Benefits of three-phase supplies

If you are looking to use a three-phase supply the associated benefits are:

  • A reduction in copper use.
  • Security Risks reduced for Employees.
  • Conductor efficiency is greater.
  • High power loads can be run.


Three Phase Supply Applications

Three-phase supply applications include the following.

  • Manufacturing
  • Large businesses
  • Data centres as they are power-hungry and high-density.
  • Mobile towers
  • Power grids
  • Unmanned systems
  • Aircraft
  • Shipboard
  • Plus: many others that require electronic loads greater than 1000 watts.



Single-Phase and Three-Phase Supplies the Key Differences

Single-phase and three-phases supply power supply differences include the following:

  • A single-phasepower supply supplies power through a single conductor.
  • A three-phase powersupply supplies power through three conductors.


  • A single-phase power supply has a single wave cycle.
  • A three-phase power supply has three distinct wave cycles.


  • A single-phase power supply requires a single wire to connect the circuit.
  • A three-phase power supply requires three wires to connect the circuit.


  • A single-phase power supply is 230V.
  • A three-phase power supply is 415V.


  • A single-phase power transfer capacity is minimum.
  • A three-phasepower transfer capacity has the maximum. 


  • Single-phase power system connection is simple
  • Three-phase power system connection is complicated.


  • A single-phase power system is used commonly for home appliances
  • A three-phase power system is used commonly for industry where they require heavy loads on the power system.


  • A single-phase power system is less efficient than a three-phase power system.
  • A three-phase power system is more efficient than a single phase power system.


  • A single-phase power system is less expensive than a three-phase power system.
  • A three-phase power system is more expensive than a three-phase power system.



Making the choice between a single-phase or three-phase power system mainly boils down to the requirements of the applications that you have. 

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