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At ConneX Electrical we aren’t just your usual electricians, over the years we have developed a mass of knowledge when it comes to specialist audio-visual installs, with ourselves taking a keen interest in the latest technologies were always at the forefront of any advances.

As a company with so many years experience, we are one of the best companies suited to offer advice and guidance when it comes to your audiovisual installations.

Our Services:

  • HDMI Matrix – viewing any of your HDMI devices across your whole property without the need for any wires on show.
  • Audio systems – In wall Bluetooth amplifiers (single room) to whole house zoned systems Home Cinema systems

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Home Cinema Wiring

When you are looking to put in a home cinema the wiring aspect is often something that does not immediately spring to mind.  It is understandable that you are thinking about which amazing screen and speaker system that you want.  However, for a home cinema system wiring is a very important component.

It is of course ideal that:

  • The wiring is installed before the room is decorated i.e. at first fix
    • As you will appreciate it is much better to have wiring put in at 1st fix as opposed to a later even which will require a lot of re-decorating post installation.
  • You future proof yourself when having wiring put in.

A basic overview of the wiring you will need is listed below:

  • A lot of power sockets for the equipment
  • Sources of DAB, FM, Satellite and Television
  • Signal cables for your video such as HDMI
  • Cables from your sources to your speaker system
  • Cable from your sources to where you are placing your sub-woofer
  • Network / internet cable
  • Wiring for your lighting system

You may want to consider as part of your install to have trunking installed that allows you to place more cables as your needs change without the need to have to re-decorate.  An example of this need would be:

  • In the future you want to upgrade one of your components but, the new component uses a different cable technology. As we all know technology moves on, this includes cables.

As a general note for your installation

  • Where possible aim to have single runs of cable from your source to its target so there is minimal signal degradation.

Below you will find a more detailed information with regard to the cabling aspects you will need for a home cinema system:

  • Power Supply: This is an aspect that is regularly not thought about.  However, if you are putting in a home cinema system you are likely to have a lot of boxes all with their own power supply demands.  If you do not allow for enough power outlets you will likely end up with a very untidy mess of extension leads running your system.
    • If your home -cinema choice is for a projector you will ideally want it to be on the same ring/phase of power as the rest of your home cinema equipment. If you don’t you can end up with unwanted noise in your system.  As a great sound is as important as the picture in a home cinema system this is an aspect that should not be overlooked.


  • Signal Cables (satellite, T.V. etc): There will need to be cables run from your normal TV aerial and satellite dish to your receivers including your TV set.


  • Picture Signal Cables: These are the primary connectors between your sources such as a Blu-ray player and display mechanism be it a TV or a projector.
    • If you are running HDMI cables and they will be difficult to get to after they are installed, it is advisable to have a second one installed at the same time. This is due to the connectors on HDMI cables being not the most robust of items and if one breaks it means you will easily be able to swap to the spare.


  • Speakers Cable:  It is not an issue to make speaker cables run inside walls and ceilings so to minimise their impact.  However, you need to be aware that there is a vast variance in the quality in speaker cables.  You want to install speaker cable that isn’t going to be the bottle neck in your system.  You want the speaker cable it to allow your system to fully sing.  Also, you need to consider any equipment you upgrade to in the future and that it also will be able to give its all through your speakers via the cable.
    • g. when listening to music changing from a poor to a quality speaker cable can make instruments appear that you didn’t know were there before.


  • Subwoofer Cable: The cabling requirements for this item is in a large part dependent on where you are going to place the subwoofer cabinet. If is it next to the source then this is not much effort, however if it is across the room then it is likely you will be wanting to put the cable into the walls.  Please also note that a sub-woofer requires a power supply to operate.


  • Web Access: It is highly likely that you will be wanting to stream content from internet-based service providers through your home cinema system e.g. Netflix.  Therefore, to ensure the best quality of connection you will be needing a network cable to be run from your router to your system.


Know you have a better understanding of the wiring requirements although it may appear a bit daunting, each aspect when looked at individually is quite simple.  In conclusion the main points are:

  • Know how many power points you need
  • Know where you want all the components
  • Know which wires are needed and where they need to run from and to
  • Try to have all the wiring installed before decoration takes place (ideally at 1st fix)
  • Future proof yourself
  • Use a professional electrician

Next Steps

Here at ‘ConneX Electrical’ we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offering a professional and friendly service.  Please give us a call to discuss any queries you have, and we will be happy to help.

So if you’re looking for an electrician or an electrical installations company to install your home cinema and audio equipment, we work in the following areas:

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