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Here at ConneX Electrical we provide landlords electrical certificates, landlords electrical inspections & testing for a wide range of landords across Liverpool.

From PAT testing & certification to rewiring and new installations, our team of highly experienced, qualified electricians cover all aspects of rental property electrical maintenance.


A high proportion of landlords try their best to provide a home that is both a safe and pleasant place to be.  This is the reason that over 75% have a qualified engineer such as ours at ConneX Electrical complete both installations and inspections within the properties they manage.

You need to be aware that as of 01/07/2020 the electrical safety rules in England are being modified.  This change includes the aspect of the provision of certain documents to the appropriate people.

What we have covered in this article is these modifications to the rules.  We have also covered the best practice for appliance testing.

I am a landlord in England: what are my responsibilities?

The document that covers your responsibility is:

  • The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

The above document requires you as a landlord in England to:

  • Ensure the property is maintained to the correct electrical safety standards.
    • For the landlord to have evidence.

This basically means there is a requirement for the property to:

  • ‘Be in line with / meet’ Wiring Regulations 18th edition and have a report confirming this from a suitably qualified person such as a ConneX engineer.

When do I need to have an inspection completed by?

When you either make a new tenancy agreement or renew an old one from the 1st July 2020:

  • You will need to have an electrical inspection carried out and a report produced on the electrical status of the property by a suitably qualified person.
    • It should be noted that this does include ‘Statutory periodic tenancies’ where these have been made when they have reached the conclusion of a fixed term at or post this date.

Pre-exisiting tenancies:

  • You have to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) completed on all tenancies that are existing before 01/04/2021.

Existing long lease (7 years or greater) let:

  • There is not a requirement for an EICR to be completed

To whom do I need to provide copies of the EICR?

There are a few requirements associated with the provision of EICR copies.  These requirements are covered in the Electrical Safety Standards within the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. They are:

  • Every tennant prior to occupation of your property must be given a copy of the EICR.
  • When the EICR is renewed/replaced you need to provide within 28 days of the inspection a copy to the tenant.
  • You must provide your tenant upon request a copy of the EICR within 28 days of their request.
  • For local authority requests for your EICR you need to have a copy to them within a seven day period.
  • If you have a prospective tenant who asks for copy of the EICR you need to give them a copy within a 28 day period.

How long does an EICR last i.e. how often do I need to replace it?

Although the standard EICR has a 5 year duration it has the possibility to be shorter and you need to get a new one as needs dictate so you maintain a valid certificate.

I have got an EICR and it shows a potential breach of electrical safety standards, what do I do?

So you either have breach or potential breach listed on your EICR.  This places a duty upon you to arrange within 28 days for a suitably qualified person to either:

  • Perform the corrective work


  • Investigate further

Please note that the above stated 28 day period can be shorter if the report states a shorter date.  It is most important that you comply with the time frame as detailed on the report.

Once the above activity has been performed make sure you get a written report as soon as possible.  You also need to make sure the report states that the property is now meeting ‘electrical safety standards’ or that more remedial work is required and what that work is.

Within a period of 28 days of the investigation work or the work having been completed you need to give the following:

  • To the local authority: Written confirmation and a copy of the report
  • To the tenant: A copy of the report

If there is any follow up investigative work that makes recommendations for further required work you need to repeat the above until the point the property in question is aligned with the electrical safety standards.

What can happen if I don’t comply with the regulations?

The body that is the enforcement power in this case is the local authority for where the property is based.  The local authority have a selection of powers, these are:

  • Up to £30,000 of civil penalties per breach of the regulations
  • If the remediation work is classed as not urgent they can serve a notice on the landlord specifying the work and giving a 28 day time frame for it to be completed
    • You can make representations to your local authority up to 21 days from their notice. The local authority then needs to get back to you in within seven days.  During the period you are awaiting a response from the local authority the need on you to carry out the work is in suspension
  • Where the local authority feels positive there is a breach of the legislation and the tenant says yes:
    • The council may complete the corrective action to the electrical works at the property and then give a bill to the landlord for the costs the council incurred.

Portable Appliances Testing (PAT testing)

If you have provided any portable electrical appliances as a component of your tenancy agreement

  • There is a requirement under law that they are in a safe state and not cause your tenant harm.
    • If you don’t do this you may be sued for negligence.

It should be noted however that the law does not state how the landlord should do this.

A portable appliance, what does this cover?

Portable appliances are mainly items that can be moved and can be taken out of the power supply of the property by being un-lugged. Please be aware just because the title is ‘portable’ appliance it can cover from a toaster to a large refrigerator.


Next Steps

Here at ‘ConneX Electrical’ we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offering a professional and friendly service.  Please give us a call to discuss any queries you have, and we will be happy to help.

From the 1st point of contact, our friendly and experienced staff will listen to your goals & needs and tailor your design and installation to your requirements, and guide you through the entire process, ensuring all your initial goals and budgets are met.

When it comes to your business you need a tradesman you can trust to deliver, ConneX Electrical offer a local friendly and reliable service, all our electricians are fully qualified and held to the highest standards as (proven) by our NICEIC Approved contractor status.

All our work comes with a minimum 12-month guarantee Data/CAT6.

ConneX Electrical offer all data & CAT6 services, using our knowledge and experience we can design and a create a network tailored to your needs whether your a commercial business needing a fast and secure network for your data, or whether you’re a residential customer just wanting to make the most of your broadband speeds.

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