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ConneX Electrical Install Electrics into New Homes Across Merseyside

We specialise in new electrical installations.

We are a family run business providing electrical installation services throughout Liverpool & Merseyside. We are NICEIC Approved, including Part P Registered.

We will work with you to interpret your house design and requirements into a safe electrical system that complies with regulations.

We will need to understand the number of rooms, socket and light outlet requirements, TV and telephone points, cookers, electric underfloor heating and renewable energy systems as these will all affect the design of the electrical installation. We will work with you to advise on cable and backbox locations, specifications and choice of consumer unit (formerly known as the fuse box).

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All our work comes with a minimum 12 month guarantee.

Electrical Installations in New Build Properties

When you employ an electrician to work on your new build, your electrician will work closely with the other trades on the job. The pipework will need to be cross bonded and earthed and the plasterers will need to know the locations of the backboxes for sockets and light switches, plus holes will need to be left in ceilings for light fittings where necessary.

The IEE wiring regulationss require electrical cables buried in walls either vertically or horizontally from outlets which makes life a lot easier for other tradesmen trying to avoid them.

After the plastering is complete, the wiring will be finalised and visible items, such as faceplates, light fittings, security systems, audio-visual equipment and cooking equipment will be fitted. The consumer unit will also be fitted and the system tested.

Instaling Electrics in an Extension


Even the smallest of extensions usually needs some kind of electrics installing, even if it’s just for a light. A two or even three story extension with extra bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms will need a serious upgrade to a house’s wiring system.


Take Care to Plan the Layout of your Extension Electrical Installation

Walk through the extension in your mind and imagine how you are going to use it, and where you might need power and light. If any of the rooms are going to be used as bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms then you need to assess the need for special circuits to boilers and cookers and home automation appliances. For living rooms and bedrooms, decide if you need audio-visual wiring installing. Consider whether you will want central lighting or wall lamps, or perhaps low-voltage lighting. Another option is a circuit for standard and table lamps that can be turned on and off from a single wall switch, an idea popular in America for many years that’s beginning to appear more frequently in the UK too.

What about outside electrics? You may need an outside light wiring in, plus a couple of weatherproof sockets put on an outside wall are always useful. This would make it easier to plug garden tools in, particularly if your extension is a conservatory or garden room, so the wiring would be going close to the outside wall anyway.

If you have this information together, and preferably written down too, before you call us for a quote, it means that we can take time to look at your plans with you and give you our best advice.


Double-Up on Electrical Sockets in your Extension

One rule of thumb that’s well worth remembering is that once you’ve decided on the number of sockets that you’ll need in a given room, then double it. With the ever increasing number of electrical devices in use today it’s going to be a real bind if you spend all that money on an electrician then end up having to put extension leads all over the place the next time you move a room around or get a new gadget for Christmas.

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