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Uninterruptible Power Supply & UPS System Installations for all Buiness Types

ConneX Electrical are Liverpool based commercial electricians providing Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS Systems & UPS Power solutions for any power problem. We have over 40 years in the business and are fully insured & certified.

Avoid unplanned business downtime with critical power protection solutions. We supply, install, commission and maintain an extensive range of uninterruptible power supply, UPS systems for all business requirements.

UPS Maintenance, Technical Servicing and ongoing support for your critical power equipment is our top priority. You can trust ConneX Electrical to deliver, install and maintain your business power systems.

If you’re looking for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your business, you’ll naturally want to take a lot of care to checking the system’s specifications and fitness for supporting your critical load. Factors such as availability, energy efficiency, capacity and costs are essential.

Below we list some additional considerations for the successful installation and operation of your UPS.


It’s important to consider questions such as: does the UPS offer the highest possible availability while being energy-efficient? Does it provide sufficient protection against all likely power anomalies, is it correctly sized for your installation and can it grow with your enterprise, while offering the best value for money?


There are also a set of practical considerations essential to any UPS installation, from identifying a suitable location for the system to ensuring an on-going maintenance contract is in place once it is installed.

Below are some ideas to consider when planning the practical aspects of a UPS installation.

Choosing the Location of a UPS System

Choosing a suitable location is essential, although this has become easier as UPS systems have become smaller and lighter. The floor must support the UPS’s load, while the batteries must also be safely accommodated. Allowing sufficient space for any possible future expansion, as well as providing easy access for service and maintenance technicians is key. Conversely, unauthorised access must be prevented.

The UPS and its local environment will mutually impact one another. The UPS must be adequately cooled and protected from excessive dust and humidity, while its effect on existing airflow and load on existing air conditioning equipment must be catered for. The installation site should avoid noise and heat issues for the user enterprise and its staff. In general, UPSs up to around 20 kVA can usually run in office environments, while larger sizes require a special-purpose, segregated area.

Consideration is also needed for cable routing and entry, especially for medium to large UPSs. On solid floors, a cable trench or UPS plinth will be necessary to allow power cabling and termination under the UPS and battery. Specialised computer rooms typically have raised floors to accommodate data processing and communications equipment cabling and possibly cooling. However, these floors cannot usually bear the weight of UPS and battery equipment, which must instead be mounted on a steel plinth standing on the base floor. Adjustable plinth height allows accurate aligning of the UPS equipment with the suspended floor.

Installation and Commissioning a UPS System

Electrical installation of UPSs is a specialised task requiring a qualified, experienced electrical contractor such as ConneX Electrial Liverpool. The installation must always comply strictly with the supplier’s instructions as well as local and national installation regulations. Although these may vary, correct earthing is always essential for personnel safety and equipment protection. Larger, higher-powered UPSs also require careful consideration of the switchgear and cabling design.

Considerable time and cost can be saved, by allowing for future business growth and addition of extra UPS modules. Modern, parallel free-standing UPS installation can be considerably eased by using an integrated switchgear and bus bar solution.

Service & Maintenance of UPS Systems

UPS planning should include a service agreement. This should cover emergency callout facilities with defined response times as failures are possible even in the best-maintained, most reliable equipment. A planned maintenance and testing regime is equally as important, which should include scheduled inspection and filter-changing on the UPS, together with regular battery checks. Battery impedance testing allows accurate prediction of life expectancy, while load bank testing reveals the battery capacity at time of test. In any case, batteries should be viewed as consumable items that will periodically need replacement and legal disposal.

Working with ConneX Electrical

From the 1st point of contact, our friendly and experienced staff will listen to your goals & needs and tailor your design and installation to your requirements, and guide you through the entire process, ensuring all your initial goals and budgets are met.

When it comes to your business you need a tradesman you can trust to deliver, ConneX Electrical offer a local friendly and reliable service, all our electricians are fully qualified and held to the highest standards as (proven) by our NICEIC Approved contractor status.

All our work comes with a minimum 12-month guarantee Data/CAT6.

ConneX Electrical offer all data & CAT6 services, using our knowledge and experience we can design and a create a network tailored to your needs whether your a commercial business needing a fast and secure network for your data, or whether you’re a residential customer just wanting to make the most of your broadband speeds.

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