As a Control4 certified dealer we are trained to the highest standards within the home automation industry, we offer bespoke design and install solutions to suit all budgets. Using our wealth of knowledge and or vast experience to tailor each install to yours and your families needs and wants, not just for now but also taking into consideration any future expansion within a system or installation.

At ConneX Electrical were quite unique in the sense we offer a complete package when it comes to Electrical & Home automation systems so if your planning on renovating your home or looking to self build we can offer a complete package we offer a fully managed option from 1st fix right through to programming your Control4 smart home all within our in house team.

If budgets are tight and let’s face it when completing a renovation or a self build project, when aren’t they! Our 1st fix stage services are a great way to ensure that even when your budget doesn’t quite stretch as far as you’d prefer, our pre-wired services can provide the perfect starting point for building or renovating. We not only complete the electrical installation often referred to as 1st & 2nd fix.

We also alongside this pre wire all of your home automation equipment with plans and drawings pinpointing exact cable locations within the premises. Therefore once construction is complete any additional smart home features are conveniently integrated without disruption to decoration! With cables being one of cheapest parts of the smart home – this approach inherently works in stepping up what may have been previously seen as financial limitations during self builds/renovations.

Advanced home cinema setup by ConneX

What is a Control4 Smart home

A Control4 Smart Home can give homeowners unprecedented levels of control over their home environment. With the ability to control lights, temperature, security systems, audio/video components and more from one centralised hub, users can easily customise their home settings to exactly what they need for a particular moment or day.

As with most houses these days they’re filled with technology to make our lives easier but with that comes having to manually control and monitor each the systems independently with different remotes and logins and apps every time you want to use them. This takes a lot of time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.

Control4 Smart Home technology offers easy to use and user friendly solution for this. It’s an automated home automation system that connects all of your electronics and appliances into one centralised hub so you can control them from one device. With this system, you can easily monitor and manage everything in your home – making life easier and more seamless than ever before!

Control4 Smart Home’s security management capabilities allow you to easily keep your home protected at all times. With instant notifications when doors and windows open or close, you can rest assured that your family is safe. You can also set up custom automated routines to make sure your home is secure while you’re away. This could include turning on perimeter lighting when an event or motion is triggered or setting notifications if the permitter of the property is breached.


That depends entirely on the scope ad spec of the project it can be a single room solutions costing a few thousand up to full spec £150,000+ projects it all depends on the clients wants needs a budgets.
Very, its essence is to bring ease of use and automation together for clients convenience.
Yes, Its a package we often install when budgets are tight on a job it allows the client to finish their home they way they want and then come back once they have recouped some more budget and finish the installation.


We cover all of the UK including – Liverpool | Wirral | St Helens | Widnes | Warrington| Cheshire | Manchester | Chester | Knutsford | Wilmslow | Alderley Edge | Altrincham | Stockport | Macclesfield | Northwich
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