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As you can see from our many 5 star Google reviews, we specialise in domestic rewiring, We have an experienced, professional team of electricians who solely complete residential rewires week in week out. With that familiarity and experience we are able to offer the best value to our customers whilst keeping to tight deadlines and consistently delivering top class workmanship.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to rewiring homes across the north west and have been consistently doing this for the past 9 years, your property is in safe hands. We work alongside our own trusted team of local tradesmen from plasterers & waste collection companies to offer a hassle free experience when rewiring your home. Again check our google reviews for reference **HERE**

We are apart of the NICEIC Approved Contractor certification so our company is independently inspected yearly making sure our work is at a good standard, certifications and insurance are up to date. That certification comes with a NICEIC Platinum promise guarantee, . Where all our customers are covered by there 6 year £25,000 workmanship guarantee.

When Does a House Need Rewiring?

  • If your house has not been rewired in the last 25-30 years it is likely to need rewiring to bring it up to the current electrical safety standards. Electrical wiring this old has the potential to be dangerous and may not be able to cope with new appliances and electrical requirements.                                                           
  • If you’re planning to remodel your home then it is possible that you will need to rewire part or all of the property. If the changes are extensive then this would likely include upgrading the consumer unit or fuse box.                                                                                                                                
  • If you are extending your home, or converting an attic or garage, this will constitute new work and therefore all of the new wiring will have to conform to Part P: Electrical Safety, and all existing wiring will have to be improved to ensure that it is able to carry the additional loads safely, it is earthed to current requirements and that cross bonding is satisfactory.                                                                                                        
  • Where you are extending or remodelling, the rest of the existing wiring does not have to be upgraded, except where upgrading is required by the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations, i.e. central heating controls.

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Yes you can live in the house while its being rewired as long as you don’t mind a little bit of disruption and some dust.
It depends totally on the size of the property and how its constructed but on average a 3 bedroom semi for example would be rewired within 5/6 days.
Usually every 25-30 years dependant on what maintenance has been completed in that timeframe.
Yes, we offer plastering services to repair walls once the installation has taken place leaving the finished wall ready to paint or decorate.


for rewires only

We cover all of the UK including – Liverpool | Wirral | St Helens | Widnes | Warrington| Cheshire | Manchester | Chester | Knutsford | Wilmslow | Alderley Edge | Altrincham | Stockport | Macclesfield | Northwich
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