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The connex domestic electrician is here to serve with exceptional electrical services in Liverpool and other cities. We know that

The connex domestic electrician is here to serve with exceptional electrical services in Liverpool and other cities. We know that it is not easy to find out the cause of sparks, buzzing, flickering, and short circuits. But with the right expertise, you can quickly know what electrical faults are in your home.

Indeed, it is necessary to know how to avoid a potential hazard. So if you are finding a company that can provide comprehensive electrical solutions for your home at a reasonable price, then connex is for sure the best decision. Our experts will help you to make an informed decision which will be beneficial for several years to come.



All the services you will be taking from our company will be delivered at the exact time, and you will receive a quick customer service response. The work timing will depend on your availability, and you will not have a disruption in the house while having any work done.

After all, our electricians are having the experience of several years in installations, repairing, rewiring, and much more. Likewise, you will have improvements in the CCTV\’s and installation of smart home devices in an affordable price range. All the rates are fixed, and you will have emergency service without any increase in the price.


List of Domestic Electrician Services

We are providing excellent customer service, and you can easily treat your house wiring with quality standards. In fact, our experts will be cleaning the areas after doing any installation or fixation. Moreover, we always use the mats to keep the carpeted floors clean. You will see our electricians wearing the shoe covers.

The electricians will be showing the ID cards of the company after arriving at your place. You will see them with our uniform, so there are no safety issues. The electricians will be dealing professionally. Our company prioritizes the safety of the customer.

Moreover, we will not start any work without your decision. The solutions will be provided, but the last choice will depend on the house owner. Also, we will provide efficient products of lighting that will let you save the energy costs.

So if you are having any kind of wiring issue, contact connex now.


·       Home Rewiring, Upgrading, and Improvements With Connex Professionals



The rewiring of your home is the simplest job for the electricians. Especially, the experts will require the easiest possible solutions for home rewiring, upgrading, and improvements. We will be covering a broad spectrum of domestic services with high quality and safety standards.

So if you are going to extend your property or going to renovate the old house, then you need the rewiring, upgrading, and improvements in the whole house.


Why Is Rewiring Important?

If your property is having wiring of 25 to 30 years old, then it needs upgrading. You have to ensure that the wiring meets the current safety standards. However, the old wiring might be using more electricity, and it will wear after a high level of electricity consumption. Also, if you are using the modern devices on the outdated wiring, then you will have chances of the electric sparks.

However, you might not need the full rewiring of the house. Besides, our team will do the complete inspection and then recommend going on partial or complete repairing. Complete or partial wiring might be required even if you are going through any renovation of the house.

The partial upgradation will include the fuse board upgradation and installation. More than that, you will have the new wiring with the electrical safety standards. As well, you will have the improved standards of the rewiring that will last for many years. Also, if you want that your property doesn\’t have any sparks, you should go for the replacement of wiring completely.


What Is The Process Of Rewiring?

The experts of connex domestic electrician will do the process of rewiring in your property. Also, you will not have a disruption in the house. We will ask for the rewiring whenever it is feasible for you. We will provide the high standard rewiring.


  1. You will have the complete assessment of your place, and then we will start the work.
  2. After checking the connections which are already installed in your home, we will provide the most feasible solutions in a reasonable price range.
  3. We will ensure that you get the rewiring of your house with the right legal requirements.
  4. You can rewire the house easily by having complete electrical safety testing.
  5. We are also going to test the fuse which is on the board or having any wear/tear.
  6. You will know which sockets are causing sparks and how you can conform them from any kind of faulty regulations.
  7. You will have a copy of the rewiring certification. Plus, you will get an exact copy of all the rewiring to ensure that your place is completely safe.

The connex electricians will treat your home like their own, and you will have minimal dirt in the rewiring process. Also, the experts will be wearing the dust mats and ensure that the place is clean after doing any kind of job.


Improvements And Upgrades In Your Home

With the improvements and upgrades in your home, you can maintain your place\’s aesthetics and value. Also, you will have satisfaction with the electrical devices. Below are the improvements and upgrades that you can choose for your home.


  1. New fan installation
  2. Upgrading in the lighting
  3. Childproof sockets and plugs
  4. Devices that shock preventive
  5. Upgrading of the fuse box
  6. Electric shower installation
  7. Smart thermostats
  8. Circuit breaker replacement


·       New Build And Extension Electrical Installations

The newly build houses can take our home lighting and electrical extension service. You will have an improved ambiance after installing the right lights in your home. Moreover, you will have upgradable lighting options at a reasonable price.

And the good news? You can improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. Furthermore, you will have the assistance of the expertise. In fact, our electricians are highly trained and experienced in installing the lighting of the house. Also, the fittings of bulbs will be done according to the safety regulations.

We are available for emergency lighting fixation at your place as well. The experts will install the lighting, which will last for several years, and replace the faulty bulbs as well. Furthermore, our experts can complete the electrical wiring work with the least disruption to your place.


·       Inspection And Testing

The inspection and testing services of connex include a complete range of domestic solutions. We will check if you have any faults in your electrical home systems. As per the law, the homeowners and the landlords do not require to have the inspection of electrical services.

But it is compulsory to inspect the electrical systems when you are selling or buying any property. It would be best if you regularly have an inspection of your electrical systems after few months to prevent any hazard.

Especially if the wiring at your place is quite old, then you have to go for the inspection. Moreover, the electrical testing will be done according to the British standard 76719 BS.


  • Homeowners should go for the inspection and testing of the house for one time in 10 years. However, if you have a pool in your house, you have to test it once a year.
  • Businesses should go for electrical testing for one time in five years.
  • The landlords should go for the electrical testing and inspection for one time in five years. Also, if you have given your property on rent, then the inspection should be done one time in 3 to 4 years.


What Do Testing And Inspection Involve?

The testing and inspection involve a wide range of fault identification at your place. You will have a visual check. Also, it will show if there is any overheating or overloading while using the sockets. Furthermore, the experts will tell if there is any defective electrical work at your home. In fact, you will know if there are chances of shocks or a short circuit.

Our electrician will check the whole property visually and provide the evaluation to tell how safe your house wiring is. Plus, the visual inspection involves the inspection of damaged bulbs and other electric fixings such as cables, scorch marks, sockets, etc.

In our domestic service inspection, you will have an analysis of your bathrooms, as well as gardens. Additionally, you will know about the intervals periodically. After complete testing, you will receive a report certificate of your house. The report service includes the faults, damages, or any kind of deterioration. Plus, you will know if the wires are aligned in the house or there are any risks of hazards.

After getting the damages fixed in your house, you will get the safety certificate that ensures your home is entirely safe with the electric supplies.


·       Home Cinema Installation



Many house owners prefer to have their own home cinema to have the most comfortable movie watching experience. As well, you will have the best quality fixations and fixation in the minimal time. Our experts have several years of experience, and you can have the home cinema in very little time.


·       Home Audio Electricians

With technological advancement, homes are getting revolutionized as well. You will be easily managing the simplest things while staying at your place. For instance, the home audio smart devices will help you to turn on the lights with the voice command. Also, you will know the news for the day and check the weather forecast without any inconvenience.

You can make several home tasks automated now. For instance, you will have an automated thermostat, smoke detector, and doorbell. Also, you will have smart technology to reduce the house chores and making the tasks even more efficient. Connex experts will advise you with the best solutions for your place.

There are several energy-efficient alternatives in the market now. For instance, you can choose from storage heaters, portable heaters, radiant heaters, electric fires, gas fires, underfloor heating, slave heater, air curtains, tubular heaters, towel rails, sauna stoves, frost protection heaters, and more.


·       Landlord Electrical Safety

Our experts will do the landlord\’s electrical safety, and you can repair your old electrical security items as well. Indeed, it is frustrating when the security system goes out of service. However, our experts will install the safety system even in an emergency time of one hour.

In fact, our services are available for 24 hours, and you can have the expertise to fix the electrical issues in a minimal time. Moreover, the experts will ask for your suggestion before doing any installation or repairing work. Also, you will not have any misconduct from our experts. They will remove any potential fire hazard from the exposed wiring.

Our electricians will come in safety suits and provide quality service at your home. Also, they will clean the dusty area after completing the work. The highest installation standard will ensure that you don\’t face any problems for several years.

Firstly, we will ask how soon you prefer to have the electrical service. Other than that, we can check if there is any risk of fire exposure at your place from the sparkling fuse box. In fact, the emergency service will not be as high as other companies demand. The fixation or repairing time will be asked, and it will be as per your ease.


1.    Power Cut

A power cut is one of the most frustrating things that can occur at any time. Your work and several other plans can be canceled if you don\’t have an electric supply at home. Moreover, sometimes the power is flickering, which shows there is some fault in the wiring.

Other than that, if you are unsure that why power goes out immediately at any time of the day, then our experts will sort it out. The professional assistance will be completely secure, and we will diagnose the issue in a minimal time and get back the power supply of your home.


2.    Flickering Lights

The flickering or buzzing of lights means there is some issue with the wattage. We will replace any faulty wiring and let you know the cause of the light buzzing.


3.    Electrical Device Arcing

Do you feel that any switch or socket is giving a weird burnt smell? There are chances that the circuit is damaged and you are having the arcing. When arcing is happening, the electricity comes directly towards the socket, and it can cause a fire. Our experts will help you with this issue at any time.


·       Security And CCTV

No doubt, the security of your home is not negligible, and you can install the CCTV cameras at any place outside of your home. Furthermore, our experts will suggest the best place for installing the CCTV camera. Also, you can take our services for the automated security camera and voice control door opening. In fact, the new door locks don\’t open until the person enters the right code.


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