Commercial Re Wiring By Connex – Things to Consider While Rewiring

Commercial Re Wiring By Connex – Things to Consider While Rewiring

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If you are finding a professional electrician for commercial re wiring then conex experts are reliable. Connex is serving for more than 40 years in various kinds of electric repairing, wiring, renovation, and remodeling. Hiring a professional will be beneficial in several aspects. You can prevent safety hazards and reduce the utility bills after correct wiring.

Especially if your building is older than 30 years or more than it won\’t be able to hold the modern demand of businesses, consequently, it is crucial to replace the old wiring. Though, re wiring requires proper planning and the right timing. Do not put your staff at any risk; connex can help you out!

Why Is Commercial Re Wiring Necessary?

The commercial re wiring is necessary so you can prevent all sorts of fire hazards. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure the electronics of the workplace and residential place in legal condition.

Types Of Commercial Rewiring

There are several types of commercial re wiring services offered at various places by connex. Our professional electricians will provide the skilled team for the rewiring at the following places.

  • Retail places
  • Office fit output places
  • Hospitality sector
  • Laboratories
  • Health care industry sector
  • Factories
  • Other units

We know that every business place requires certain kind of requirements as per their working demands. Therefore, connex electrician team will discuss the issues before starting the re wiring process.

New Wiring Installations At Commercial Areas

Connex has experts with several years of experience, and they will install the rewiring most safely. Also, you will have the wiring as per the requirements of the electrical standards 1989. The wiring and re wiring service will include CCTV, lighting, socket installation, switch changing, and much more.

No doubt, every commercial and residential unit now needs electricity for working. In fact, the system should have an adequate setup to meet the demands of your future as well. Also, the older buildings will have outdated sockets and wiring. Best of all, our company will be providing the assessment of your current wiring and telling the standards of safety and functionality.

In fact, the electrician experts will provide a free quote about your buildings\’ rewiring condition. The team will work quickly to provide you the best wiring system and make your place up to date.

Reasons For Considering Commercial Rewiring

  1. Age
  2. Alterations

You have to check whether the renovation process was completely up to date or not. To prevent disasters, you have to ensure the whole building\’s wiring doesn\’t have any cracks or faulty connections. You should not take the risk of using the old wiring because it will cost much higher any short circuit occurs.

No doubt, it is the duty of the building owner to protect the people residing in that place. You have to ensure the wiring and all the electric equipment are up to date.

What Is The Right Time For Rewiring?

If you are going to switch the workplace, ensure how old it is. Moreover, you have to check if the rewiring is done in 25 years or not. It is crucial to go for complete rewiring after 25 years. For your staff\’s safety, you have to implement the re wiring for the duration of 25 years.

So are you looking forward to the renovation of your building? You have to implement rewiring process as soon as possible to prevent any fire hazard. Before buying any commercial area, you should consider the renovation cost.

Generally, it is crucial to have the right condition of the electrical sockets and switches for your workforce as well as business reputation.

How To Check If The Building Has Rewired?

There are various methods to check if the building needs rewiring or not. Also, you will know if the building has newly installed wires or not. Other than that, you can look at the electricity meter and fuse it to know the wiring condition.

Look For The Premises

Some premises will help you to find out if you need rewiring in the building or not. You can easily check the fuse box. Moreover, you can check the switches if there are causing sparks or not.

Below are the signs which will tell that your commercial area is not rewired for a long time.

  • You will find the various kinds of switches and sockets, which shows that your area doesn\’t have a rewiring; instead, it has gone through the partial rewiring.
  • If you find the sockets with the old round pins, you will know that there is no renovation at the place for several years. In this case, re wiring is necessary.
  • The wiring and cabling will be of various colors. In fact, you will have the light fittings with the older method around the fuse box. Most modern wiring installation comes with the PVD insulated wiring, and it\’s of grey color.

If you find any of the above-mentioned issues in your building, then you can contact connex instantly for fixing and rewiring for safety purposes.

What Is The Initial Process Of Rewiring?

Before the process of rewiring, you have to tell the experts where you want the new sockets to be installed. Also, check where the area has less lighting. In fact, you can add more switches and lights to enhance productivity at your place.

You have to think about the future while going for the installation of sockets. Go with the latest socket installation, which is more useful for many people. Mostly, the new sockets come with better power and reduction of overheating.

It is good to stay out of the building if you have the complete rewiring process. Also, the power will be shutdown in the building during the rewiring process so the electricians can work safely. Choose the most suitable time when you don\’t need the electricity. In fact, you can choose the weekend days.

Services Of Commercial Rewiring Offered By Connex

ConnexElectrical can take care of all the rewiring projects whether you own a small or large building. Moreover, the charges of rewiring will depend on the faults and the area of the building.

The complete end to end commercial rewiring process will cover a wide range of activities that include the following:

  • New cable installation in the whole building.
  • Installation of the new switches, sockets, and light fixing.
  • Rewiring of the networking, television, and telephone cabling.
  • Installation of the cabling in the speakers and other networking areas.
  • Checking of the earthing in the whole area.
  • Ensures the electrical surface wet areas
  • Meets the legal standards of the electrical installation.

To Conclude

All in all, you will have the most reliable service of commercial rewiring by connex. The professional workers will provide the most feasible solutions for the faults and upgrade the wiring. Also, you will have improved electrical systems and better quality of building\’s utility. The rewiring process will meet the standard of occupant safety for many years.


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