Fixed Wire Testing Frequency – How Often It Should Be Done?

Fixed Wire Testing Frequency – How Often It Should Be Done? Fixed wire testing frequency electric process is an assessment

Fixed Wire Testing Frequency – How Often It Should Be Done?

Fixed wire testing frequency electric process is an assessment of all the electrical gears at your occupation. The inspection and assessment will be done by professionals who are having experience of several years.

This fixed wire testing is also known as the hard wire or periodic inspection. In fact, the purpose of the hard wire inspection ensures the safety of the people living in that place, and it meets the standards of the electrical work regulations of 1989.

What Is Fixed Wire Testing Frequency?

This fixed wire testing includes inspection of various electrical panels, board distribution, socket outlets, lighting, and fixed plants in all the houses. You will have a whole report after the inspection of electrical panels and other sockets of your place. Moreover, this inspection process is under the supervision of the duty holder.

Legal Requirements Of Fixed Wire Testing

The experts will meet the legal requirements of NICEIC to ensure the protection people living in that place from the fire hazard and electric shocks.

How Many Times Should I Get The Fixed Wire Testing And When To Get It?

Electrical inspection testing is necessary for every building, and it assesses if the wiring is according to the standards or the wiring regulations of BS 7671 or not. It is crucial to maintain the standards. Below we will tell you how often the fixed wiring should be done and how often.

However, routine checks would be better to find out the minor fault. Other than that, the formal inspection is vital for all the buildings.

  • The general domestic accommodation testing duration is ten years. It should happen while changing the occupancy.
  • The places which are on rent should have wire testing after 5 years. All the flats should go through wire testing after the 5 years duration.
  • The multiple occupation residential house has a wire testing time duration of 5 years.
  • 5 years for all Educational institutions wire testing.
  • 3 years for all the industrial places.
  • 5 years for commercial occupancy.
  • 5 years duration for wire testing of laboratories, shops, and offices.

This was only the basic wire testing, and we advise you to contact us if your occupation requires any testing. No doubt, it is an important requirement for the safety of people living in that place. However, the testing involves a lot of risks.

Besides, the risk assessment will be different from one company testing to another. It is the responsibility of the duty holder to cover the safety of the whole working environment and usage of electricity.

List Of Things Covered While Fixed Wire Testing Frequency

Periodic, hardwire, or fixed wire testing is the assessment of various electrical deficiencies and faulty installation. Moreover, the process involves the distribution of the electrical power in the safest possible manner from the main source to the power area distribution. Below is the list of things that are covered in the wire testing frequency:

  • Connection testing
  • Hardwiring
  • Distribution of board
  • Switchboards installation
  • Fuses and RCDS inspection and testing
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Air conditioning
  • Plant fixed testing
  • Light and another socket-outlet testing.

What Is The Process Of Fixed Wire Frequency Procedure?

The process of fixed wire testing will vary from one company to another at your place. However, connex is offering periodic inspection, which is approved by the ECA and wire testing programs.

Also, you will have guaranteed satisfaction from our inspection because our efforts are made for providing the highest safety for the people living in that occupation. Moreover, you will find our services in compliance with 1989 electricity work regulations.

Connex’s Main Aim For Wire Testing

The main aim for wire testing by the connex team will include the following:

  • Provides the reliable installation of the electric wiring at your place.
  • Preserve the safety of the people living in the area from electric shocks and other fire hazards. We will prevent all the burns and smoke inhalation which is caused by faulty wiring.
  • Your premises will be saved from the electric fire damages.
  • We will identify the inconsistencies and all the defects while maintaining the electrical standards.

Evaluation And Reporting Of Wire Testing

We will be deeply looking at all the electrical circuits and making up the most convenient solutions for your place. For instance, you will know if all the socket outlets and circuits are safe at your place.

Moreover, the hardwire testing will help you to uncover all the safety risks. In fact, we will reveal if the previous electricians have not maintained the safety standards while installing the electric sockets or any other wiring in your building.

Best of all, we will prevent all the sources that are causing over-heating in your system. Not only that, the whole process involves the inspection of various electric equipment.

For the safety of our experts, we have to shut down the power of your electricity. However, you can do the electric wire testing in the holiday season, so there is no inconvenience due to the power shut down. Or you can schedule the testing period when you need the electricity at a minimal capacity.

Our professional electricians will do the work most safely. Furthermore, you will have a detailed analysis of the whole work that our specialists will do. In fact, we will provide the report for all the tests and maintenance to avoid any diligence in the future.

Some of the building owners ask to do thermal testing. You will have the identification of the faults in the wiring. No doubt, thermal testing will find the faults and detect the causes of problems. We use the infrared patches to catch the infrared rays, which is the cause of the overload.

What Do We Provide In The Fixed Wire Testing Process?

The main purpose of the wire testing is to check the electric suits\’ installation as per the national standards of electrical safety. Also, the company tests if the electrical standard installation machinery is not having any fault after several years. Ideally, the whole wire testing procedure to prevent the major risks that include the following:

  • Safety from the electric shocks and hazards from the faulty installation.
  • Checking the load over the electrical suits and other equipment.
  • DIY electrical work testing and defects management.
  • Lack of bonding or lack of earthing in the occupation.

Why Is Wire Testing Required?

Below are the three reasons which are why wire testing is crucial:

  • For the safety of your people
  • To meet the electrical laws of your state.
  • Ensure the requirements of the insurance.

Most people do not take electrical testing seriously. However, the fault sockets and electric wiring can be highly dangerous. Other than that, you might have severe wear and tear with the undetected faults. Also, you have to maintain the electrical standards. In short, it is important to maintain all the electrical installation.

How To Get Most From The Electrical Safety Wire Testing?

Above, we mentioned the basic electric wire testing that will be relatively quick. Moreover, you will have a complete inspection from the main source to the power outlet.

As well, the scope of the wire testing is not much common. Most people face electrical hazards because of faulty inspections, and they have not checked the house\’s wires for a long time.

Connex is offering a reliable service, and we have experience of more than 40 years. Not only that, our customers are fully satisfied with our expert services. Below is the list of the wire testing scope:

  • Assessment of risk
  • Appraisal of risk
  • Survey of the whole electrical system, including the earthing, layout, and polarity.
  • Documentation review
  • Inspection of all the accessible components at your place.
  • Circuit identification and labeling of the circuits.
  • Testing of the current functioning components.
  • Identification of the defects and hot spots.
  • Testing results
  • Reporting
  • Summary of all actions

Is Labelling Of The Equipment Necessary For Showing That It Is Tested?

The connex company experts know how to manage everything in an organized way. You will be having the quickest identification of the faulty circuits. In fact, the wire components labeling will be clear.

In the report, you will have the complete identification of the faulty problems. On the other side, the remedial actions on the electric components will be mention. Not only that, you will have the maintenance of the high standards, and we will be correcting all the faulty installations by the NICEIC.

Additionally, you will have the proper remedial actions, and the professional assistants will provide suggestions for the faults in the wire testing. On the other side, you will have a complete periodic inspection. Also, you can call us for further assistance in the future.

Do You Get A Certificate For Fixed Wire Testing?

Yes, you will be having a certificate for fixed wire testing according to the standards of the EICR – electrical installation condition report. Moreover, you will have reliable evidence to demonstrate that you have done the wire testing and all the electric installation is correct.

As a result of this evidence, we mean that you will have the proof for residing in the safest possible place. Furthermore, you will not have any risk of having sudden electric shocks or a short circuit. Due to the evidence, you can claim any kind of electric injury if someone goes through the prosecution.

Also, the report of whole wire testing will inform if you need to fix any faults and what are the best possible remedies we can provide at your occupation.

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