How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

What is the recommended frequency period between testing of the Fixed Wire aspect of your business within your workplace?

The reality is it can vary between 1 to 5 five years dependent upon your business type. So how often does it need to be for your particular business?

Fixed Wire Testing is also by some referred to as an Electrical Installation Condition Report.  It makes sure your electrical installations or circuits match to the current regulations for wiring. This makes sure your business is in compliance with work safety legislation.

How regularity of your testing is covered in the current version of ‘IET Wiring Regulations. This is currently BS7671:2018.  It is defined by:

  • Installation type
  • Frequency of use
  • The environment or external influence to which the electrical installation is subjected

For a lot of commercial business an Electrical Installation Condition Report which previously was called a ‘Periodic testing report’ will:

  • Only be required at frequency level of 5 years i.e. the lowest level.

However, for the higher risk type of environments the frequency level will require a more frequent testing period i.e. every 3 years.

Please be aware the periods stated above are the maximum period between testing intervals. Any deterioration of the electrical installation can indicate the requirement to make the interval between testing to be shorter.

Fixed Wire Testing: 5 Year Period

The majority of business workplaces will require and Electrical Installation Condition Report to be carried out at the maximum period of 5 years.  It should be noted however that there will need to be inspections carried out as a matter of routine at least annually.

The usual types of workplace that will need Fixed Wire Testing on a 5 year cycle include:

  • The commercial space type of business such as retail outlets and offices
  • Restaurants and hotels (not including spa hotels)
  • Education establishments of: Universities, Colleges and Schools.
  • Laboritories
  • Pubs, Churches and community centres
  • Hospitals (not including medical locations) and care homes
  • Houses that have multiple occupancy, Halls of residence

Fixed Wire Testing: 3 Year Period or 1 Year Period

Where there is an environment that is for example exposed to the following:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dust
  • Moisture
  • Open to the general public

They are of a higher risk type so need a more frequent testing cycle. This type of workspace will require a test frequency in the 1-3 year window.  This is in addition to frequent inspections being carried out.

The usual types of workplace that will need Fixed Wire Testing on a 3 to 1 year cycle include:

3 Years:

  • Leisure centres, Spa Hotels
  • Industrial Units
  • Public entertainment locations, Theatres
  • Caravans
  • Horticultural establishments or Agricultural
  • Cinemas back of house

1 Year

  • Cinemas front of house
  • Medical locations in a hospital or clinic
  • Sauna and swimming pools
  • Marina, Caravan parks
  • Petrol stations, Laundrette, Fish farm

I can’t find my type of business listed above.

Those that usually come within the industrial category and a 3 year cycle if they make use of heavy machinery are:

  • Maintenance Garages
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing

However if you are still not certain of the category under which your business comes please give our team a call and they will be most happy to help.

But our business has multiple elements that have varying intervals for testing

Do not worry it regularly happens that a business has aspects with varying required testing frequencies.  All you need do is ensure each aspect has an inspection against the appropriate cycle.

Our expert and friendly team will be able to assist you in developing a testing schedule. This will give you the most efficient approach and reduce the disruption to your business to its minimum.

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