Why you need to get Electrical Inspection Reports prior to your house purchase

Why you need to get Electrical Inspection Reports prior to your house purchase

Any homeowner knows that purchasing a property is probably the biggest expenditure they will ever face and so it makes sense to go into it with your eyes wide open. Many first-time prospective home owners or landlords looking to rent property in the private sector will base their property choice on simple factors such location, decoration or purchase price, but what can seem like a dream house or bargain can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if basic electrical inspection reports have not been carried out prior to the house purchase.

A property survey does NOT include electrical testing

Many people mistakenly believe that a property survey they have carried out will inspect the condition and safety of the properties electrics which can leave them at risk of electric shock and/or fire, but this will only check basic safety for items such as the boiler and the property’s structure, including checking for damp, etc.

Even if the wiring is safe, future heating bills may be higher than first costed for when electrical systems and appliances are old and in need of updating.

Save yourself money in the long run

Many properties look fine on paper and in good repair on looking around with no seemingly obvious remedial works being apparent, but if the electrical installation in the house you are viewing is old or unsafe you could be letting yourself in for costly repairs or even a full re-wire after purchase.

This is why having an electrical inspection report carried out by a registered electrician can save you from making a costly house purchase, or, if you still want to go ahead, advise you of the electrical work and costs involved that will need to be carried out to ensure the property will be safe and legally compliant. The comparatively small cost of an electrical inspection report may also provide you with the necessary advice and information required to reduce the purchase price of your house – repaying you many times over!

What is an EIRC?

This testing and report can only be carried out by a registered electrician. They will inspect the condition of the property switches, sockets, wiring and other power sources to determine their safety and compliance against any legal safety standards and you can have this carried out before contracts are exchanged. You may even wish to have an EIRC carried out on a property you are strongly interested in.

Electrical inspection condition report

There is no legal requirement to get an electrical inspection report. However, for the reasons explained above it makes common and financial sense to do so, as well as providing peace of mind that you’ll be safe in your home- and that in itself can be priceless. The cost of remedying any electrical issues after moving into your home could cost in the region of £2000-£10,000 and so employing a registered electrician to carry out a quick and inexpensive EIRC can literally save you thousands of pounds.

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