Case Study

BioGrad Stem Cell Laboratory fit-out & 45KVA Backup Generator for stem cell storage facility

May 16, 2024


Biograd, situated in Liverpool, is a state-of-the-art stem cell banking laboratory dedicated to providing long-term storage solutions for various cells critical for NHS trusts. From human biopsies to blood, semen, and stem cells, Biograd ensures the secure preservation of these vital biological materials. Spanning over 5,000 square feet, the facility maintains optimal storage conditions, maintaining temperatures between 20°C and -196°C.

Project Overview

The project entails the installation of a new 400amp MCCB Panel Board to facilitate a 50mm submain supply to a 45KVA diesel generator, controlled by an ATS. Additionally, it includes the implementation of a CO2 and O2 alarm system to monitor nitrogen oxide usage in the laboratories. Further modifications involve adjustments to the existing data network, lighting, and small power systems throughout the building, as well as updates to the ProTec fire alarm system to comply with current regulations.

Project Execution

Commencing with minor power and lighting enhancements in one of the laboratories, the project proceeded with necessary alterations to fire alarm circuits following structural modifications to ensure compliance with regulations. Moreover, a comprehensive CO2 and O2 early warning detection alarm system was installed in an existing laboratory utilising liquid nitrogen, enhancing staff safety. This system incorporates various detectors strategically positioned within the lab, along with control panels equipped with beacons at key entry points, thereby safeguarding all personnel within the premises.

A 45KVA generator was strategically positioned at the rear of the building to provide emergency backup power for Biograd’s stem cell storage facility. Power supply was facilitated through a 50mm2 4-core SWA, with connection to the generator managed via an ATS (automatic transfer switch).

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