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Forwessun, Full Electrical Package, Small Power, Power Distribution, Fire Alarm & LED Lighting Upgrade – Decarbonisation

May 24, 2024


Forwessun UK office is based in Speke in Liverpool. They are a specialist in testing and refurbishment of PCB’s (printed Circuit Boards) with offices all over the globe & suppling services to the household names of the likes of: Audi, BMW, Bosch, Mercedes, Cisco

The project

The project involved a complete electrical fit out of their newly purchased 14,000+ sq ft office and workshop for their UK operations. A complete re design of the existing redundant lighting system, alongside a complete factory fit out of power distribution, lighting & small power works, fire alarm & emergency lighting.

The Projects initial design stage was of the upmost importance due to the nature of the work carried out by Forwessun’s engineers working with PCB’s on site lighting & specialist power distribution was the forefront of all our design works.

Once we had the design in hand and we understood the clients needs and specification we installed the new containment system that consisted of: Perforated Tray, Wire Basket, Ducting, Trunking & Conduit systems. To house all our wiring systems that included: Bus-bar systems, SWA, T&E, Single core cables, FP200.

One of our key elements of design was the lighting across the project, Forwessun’s engineers work on specialist PCB equipment with a massive focus of the project being the operatives requirement for excellent light sources places at critical positions across the site.

We completed the electrical installation the property over several months with our dedicated teams working weekends & evenings to meet tight deadlines. Overall the project has been a huge success in not only providing Forwessun a safe and efficient working location to base there UK Office from but also reducing the companies carbon footprint & ensuring their staffs safe working conditions in the process.

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